Busta Rhymes Signs Syracuse Hip-Hop Artist Aaron Cook$ To His Label

Aaron Cook$ x Busta Rhymes x Lord Jamar

Busta Rhymes Signs Syracuse, NY

Hip-Hop Artist

“Aaron Cook$” 

Busta Rhymes signs Syracuse hip-hop artist Aaron Cook$ to his label. “What is the music scene like in Syracuse?” That’s the question. A tough question for anyone trying to perform hip-hop in Salt City. Ask Tone Atlas. Ask Native Wellz. Ask Sig Roy. Each carved out his own path but faced plenty of raised eyebrows and snickers along the way. It’s not easy, with limited options for live performance and radio airplay.  

Aaron CooksSyracuse hip-hop artist Aaron Cook$ encountered the question in 2015, during one of his first ever interviews on “Sway’s Universe.” The charismatic host, Sway Calloway, asked specifically about Syracuse’s music scene. Cooks glanced at the floor before answering.”It’s crazy,” he shrugged. “That’s it. It’s crazy, you know, nobody looking there.” Click here for Full Story

You can hear Hot Tracks from Aaron Cook$ on UpstateAllstarzRadio.com and See his Videos on “Allstarz Music TV”

Check Out The Hot Video Yellow/Day Up by Aaron Cook$

Twitter: @GodCooks


-By Katrina Tulloch | ktulloch@syracuse.com


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