Artist Spotlight: Meet The Hot Singer/Songwriter “Cherae Leri”

Cherae Leri

Artist Spotlight:


“Cherae Leri”

Meet The Hot Singer/Songwriter Cherae Leri. “I’m not the kind of Artist that can perform something night after night, if I don’t believe in it, or if it’s not true to me or my experience.”

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, this young vibrant song bird is hitting the music scene hard with her own flavor and style.  Cherae Leri is a songwriter, dancer, actress and former model.  She began her entertainment career at the age of 3 when she began modeling and acting. Cherae Leri 2

Leri has never followed trends, so don’t expect to hear her trying to mimic any. The music is hers and it’s the kind of sound you want to take with you on a road trip, to the gym, and to the office.

Leri has been influenced by some of the more prominent Artists like Patti Labelle, Leela James and Erykah Badu, whom she met with her mother, a traveling DJ while attending the Tom Joyner Morning Show at the age of 12. Badu encouraged Leri and her Mother to move to the Houston area where she also pursued a modeling career. Although her claim to fame might have been through the modeling world Leri never stopped working on her music.

In 2015 Leri relocated to Atlanta, Ga where she has been working on her upcoming LP”. The first single from the project “Mirage.”  is infused with both R&B and pop. With her solid vocals “Mirage “gives you that dark vibe similar to that of The Weeknd.

January 2016, Leri quietly dropped her second single “Just Bizness”, and the song is already exceeding expectations. Combining elements of neo-soul, pop, jazz and R&B, “Just Bizness” (produced by Mello) is another example of how Leri takes elements of past musical influences and adds her own modern take. You can hear songs from Cherae Leri in rotation on and see her Video’s on “Allstarz Music TV”.

Check Out Cherae Leri’s “Come and See Me Remix” 


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