Have You Heard The Hot Mixtape “For Bern” By Jamal Gasol

Jamal Gasol - For Bern

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“For Bern” 

By Jamal Gasol

With time on my head, I was still able to deliver yall that heat! Collaborating with Switzerland producer Intifada Beats aka JigSaw on this international project, “For Bern”, which i dedicated to my fan base in the country’s capital. That slow flow, hard delivery and smooth punchline style of hip hop is all over this EP as I’m giving you a first- hand verbal visual of life for most black males coming up in Western New York. By giving you lyrical stories from taking penitentiary chances, family and friends in jail, and the ups and downs of the street life. Co starring #TheWinners Sage Infinite and Smack URL’s DNA, real authentic rap that you can relate and feel is coming back into the scene as you asked for. I even got my brother Ryda who incarcerated at the moment but will be on the scene wit me when he touch down. Spark a L and press play.

Mr31 #Piff

0:00 Talkin’ Big Shit Ft Ryda
1:31 Boss Talk
3:59 No Mistakes
5:41 Against All Odds
9:27 Legendary Ft Sage Infinite
12:32 WIld West Myths (Interlude)
14:27 Long Time Coming
15:36 Been Here Before
17:35 Dirty Waters To Queens Ft DNA
19:22 Gun In Every Closet (Interlude)
19:59 Don’t Do It

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