Artist Spotlight: Meet Hip Hop Artist Valed @VALED716

Artist Spotlight:

Meet Hip Hop Artist

“Valed The Ruler”

Born on October 15th 1982 in Buffalo,NY Rapper Aaron Bassett aka Valed spent time in Decatur, ATL in his teens before returning to Buffalo because that was home.                                                          

Aaron began writing his first songs at age 15 and says “Music is therapeutic for me. I get to express my thoughts and feelings in different way through song”. He continues to make music to bring content and substance back to the genre with honesty and humility.

Valed lists his father as his biggest overall influence. He was an artist and Valed is his biggest collector.  The Ruler is also influenced by and respects the business mind of Jay Z, Nas, and his personal experiences. Valed believes for the industry to survive more artists need to care about the direction of the culture.

The Ruler has released a plethora of mixtapes, and in 2017 an album called “Love Trumps Hate”. He has performed at many local events and featured on  several albums including L Biz “Get Ghost”.

He is currently working on “Love Trumps Hate 2” and has other projects in the pipeline.  Be on the look out for more from this talented artist.

Catch Hot Music from “Valed” in Rotation on Upstate Allstarz Radio

Check Out The Video “Declaration of Independence”

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Love Trumps Hate Album Available!!!
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